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Rod End Bearings

Radial Bearing rod ends are constructed using the three-piece style, which consists of a body, ball, and race. This design ensures a constant fit and offers flexibility in that many different types of metals can be substituted, depending on the end-user's special application needs.

Self-Lubricating Rod End & Spherical Bearings

We also offer self-lubricating PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fabric liners on most of our rod end and spherical bearing series. These self-lubricating bearings are specifically designed to eliminate the need for grease re-lubrication within a temperature range of -65 degrees to +300 degrees F on normal applications. This liner provides improved frictional characteristics without lubrication. When your application’s temperatures are expected to exceed the range shown or involve high loading, vibration, or high surface speed, please consult our engineering department for other available liners.

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