The Source for Aerospace Bearings in Danbury, CT

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The aircraft industry knows that they can rely on us at Radial Bearing Corporation when they require aerospace bearings in Danbury, CT. We are a trusted source of bearings for a wide range of applications.

Rod End Bearings

Our rod end bearings are constructed to be adaptable to a myriad of aerospace needs. We used a three-piece style consisting of a body, ball, and race. This design ensures a precise fit with the flexibility of using different metals to meet your special applications. These come in both male and female configurations.

Self-Lubricating Bearings

We offer self-lubricating PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) fabric liners on most of the rod end and spherical bearing series that we produce. These bearings have been specially manufactured to eliminate the requirement of grease re-lubrication with temperatures ranging from -65 to +300 degrees F during normal usage. The PTFE liner delivers improved frictional minimization without lubrication. You can source our bearings in narrow, wide, and high misalignment variations.

A Leading Aircraft Bearing Supplier

It is no wonder that parts for aerospace applications are first-class, often on a par with components made for medical equipment. Aircraft bearings must hold up to the demands of temperature, strain, and pressure while performing their job flawlessly. There is nothing more important in aerospace engineering than ensuring a plane can stay in the air and bring everyone safely back to Earth. Our radial bearings offer the peace of mind pilots and plane manufacturers need to ensure smooth travels over thousands of miles. Although we play a small part in air safety, our aircraft bearings play a critical role in the industry.

Precision components are the lifeblood of aviation, and our engineers will deliver on our promise of excellence in parts performance. We understand our radial bearing products, their capabilities, and how they will perform under pressure. Whether you need aircraft replacement parts or are building new, turn to a trusted team that understands their work.

Airplane manufacturers should never take chances on their parts suppliers, which is why Radial Bearing Corporation has been their first choice since 1955. We established our reputation for superior products and uphold our commitment to aerospace standards with unmatched customer service and industry experience.

Reach out to our engineering department for assistance when you expect that the aviation application you are using the bearings for will exceed the temperature range listed above or involve high loads, vibration, or high surface speeds.