High-Quality Custom Bearings in Danbury, CT

When you need custom part solutions for your aircraft, trust Radial Bearing Company to provide you with the products you need. We offer to design and engineer custom bearings in Danbury, CT, to meet the required specifications of your application. With more than 60 years of experience developing unique solutions for the aerospace industry, our team will ensure that you have the custom parts you need for your aircraft. Contact us to learn more about our custom services or to discuss the specifications of the specialized parts you need.

Working Closely with Our Team

When working on your custom parts, our designers and engineers will work closely with you to develop the specifications of your custom parts. This way, we can ensure that the custom bearings we are delivering will meet the requirements of their intended application. Plus, if you supply us with the fabricated housing for your bearing, we can take care of adding the necessary bearing components.

Additionally, we also provide specialized solutions for loader slots and bushings, allowing you to further customize your components for your specific aerospace applications. So whether you are looking for a standard aircraft bearing or you need a custom part crafted, trust Radial Bearing Company to provide you with the right solutions.