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Radial Bearing Corporation manufactures aircraft quality Rod End and Spherical Bearings. In addition to the catalog items, we can meet your specific needs once you provide a drawing or sketch detailing materials, dimensions, and processing requirements, including heat treating, plating, and lubrication.

Aerospace product failure is not an option. That’s why Radial Bearing Corporation is the superior manufacturer of rods and bearings for military and civilian aircraft markets. With decades of experience and the most trusted name in aerospace bearings, we offer unparalleled quality and craftsmanship to ensure you can build with confidence. Contact us for details on any of the parts listed here. If your project requires specialized manufacturing, we can design and create to your specifications.

Custom aerospace bearing development starts with a thorough understanding of your requirements. Using your specs, we create the precise components you need in the quantity you desire. Our process uses the latest techniques, innovative technology, and precision engineering to provide outstanding quality.

Your aircraft depends on critical components to operate safely and effectively, so talk to our experts about your requirements. When a company focuses on one field and develops its processes based on a singular purpose, they become the last word in the industry. We know everything about aircraft rod ends and spherical bearings because we’re dedicated to their quality. Don’t take chances on inferior components, talk to us today, and start your journey to exceptional parts manufacturing.

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